Water as an Ingredient

Cleansui Culinary Water is
born out of Japan’s traditional
culinary philosophy “Washoku”

Cleansui is a proprietary advanced water softener and micro-filtration system engineered to transform your tap water into safe and delicious soft water designed for high-end restaurants, award-winning chefs, artisanal producers and culinary home cooking connoisseurs.

Soften Water
Designed to enhance flavor and aroma of ingredients. It helps extract out the most flavor and aroma of your ingredients and enhance “Umami”.

Cooking Japanese rice with Cleansui culinary water

Clean and Safe
Transforms your tap water into bacteria-free optimal water for drinking and cooking by Activated Carbon, Ceramics and Hollow Fiber Membrane.

Commercial under-sink version of Cleansui micro-filter and softner

Remove Micro-Plastic
Hollow Fiber Membrane filter removes harmful micro-plastic. It makes sustainability easy. Fewer plastic bottles means less impact on the planet and giving greater peace of mind.

Cleansui is the most well-known water filter brand in Japan and Asia. It provides natural, clean, safe and soft water for culinary industry.

Our Collection

Culinary Water Pitcher

Family or Small Restaurant Use
Purifier & Softener all-in-one cartridge
Pitcher Capacity: 9cups / 74oz
Replacement cycle: every 3,380 oz / 26 gallon

Commercial Culinary Water

Restaurant and Culinary Professional Use
Under sink installation
Purifier & Softener separate cartridge
Coming soon