Cooking Recipes

Use Cleansui Culinary Water to enhance your culinary experience.

Making Umami Dashi
Experience three basic UMAMI Dashi preparation using Kombu: Mizu Dashi, Kombu Dashi, Ichiban Dashi.

Making Delicious, Healthy Japanese tea
Experience three unique Japanese tea preparation: Cold Brew Sencha, Matcha Latte, Traditional Hot Houjicha.

Cooking Perfect Rice
Experience four key steps to cook perfect Japanese rice; Rince, Stir, Saok & Cook, and Steam. Two ways of cooking : using rice cooker and using clay pot.

Special Recipes

Recipes by Okui Kaiseido
Fine Kombu Trader in Japan

-Rice Ball wrapped with shredded Umami Kombu
-Umami Dashi soup bowl with/without white miso

Recipes by Chef Yukino Katsura
R&D Chef at Bouley

-Caramelized Onion Consommé
-Clam & Sun-Dried Tomatoes Transparent Broth with Warmed Avocado
-Red Shiso Chia Jelly with Sugar Free Concord Grape Sorbet

Recipes by Chef Nobu Yamazaki and Masaya Kitayama
Owner & Chef / Executive Chef at Sushi Taro

-Udon noodle using shabu-shabu broth